What are stretch marks, why do we get them and how can we treat them with essential oils? Whilst they can sometimes appear when we least expect, there are times when we know the possibility of stretch marks appearing are high, namely during times of growth spurts or excess weight loss, puberty, or pregnancy. We can even develop stretch marks when we are actively building muscle.

Stretch marks are technically a form of scarring on the skin. They can have slightly blue or pinkish colour within the little lines or tears that appear. The marks can disappear or lighten over time but often they stay with us as our badges of our life experience.

When it comes to treating stretch marks, my first advice is don’t panic! Don’t run to self-proclaimed miracle, life-saving, life-enhancing, body perfection treatments! There are ways to both mitigate against and treat stretch marks. To treat stretch marks before they even appear during high-risk times such as puberty or pregnancy, my first suggestion is to apply vitamin rich organic oil to your body daily. Make it your morning or evening ritual and it will soon become habit. I know I create luxury body mositurisers for Lucy Annabella Organics but – confession time – my personal preference is treatment oils. Don’t get me wrong, body moisturisers are great, but when treating something like stretch marks, it’s time to get out the big guns!

As an aromatherapist, I believe in the power of plant oils as your daily skin treatment. Although body moisturisers etc will have oils in them, the amount of water in a body moisturiser means it is not as therapeutic to the skin, especially when specifically tackling concerns like stretch marks. So the secret is, the richer your choice of oil or oils is in vitamin E, the more effective it will be in increasing your skins elasticity, dermal strength and ability to cope with the impact of stretch marks. If you currently use a body moisturiser, try switching to a oil and see the difference it has on your skin.

When a teenager is starting to have growth spurts it is a good time to get them to use body oils rich in vitamins daily to nourish and enrich the skin with hydrating goodness and lots of natural vitamins, especially vitamin A, C & E. Organic vegetable oils like Apricot, Olive, Jojoba, Baobab, Sesame, Evening primrose and Soyabean are all fantastically skin nourishing, either on their own or combined with another oil. If you can introduce body oils early to your teenager’s daily life they will form the skincare habit for life – their 40-year old bodies will thank you deeply. Trust me!

Pregnancy is the one time when you can be almost sure to develop stretch marks. Ensure you use nut free treatment oil from the beginning of your pregnancy. Continue to use it afterwards to ensure your skin is cared for and healed, it still has a lot of recovery work to do after you give birth! Please read your product labels – the only ingredients needed in your body oil is OIL. And there is no reason why it cannot be 100% organic. If there are ingredients in there you don’t know, don’t choose that product. 
Essential oils can be a wonderful aid for your pregnancy from everything from insomnia, to skin tightness and itchiness, but please ask a qualified aromatherapist to make you a blend to ensure that you are using the correct dosage of oils during pregnancy. You can of course also purchase your blend from a credible aromatherapy company.

If you would like to create your own blend try this lovely recipe.

100ml of Organic Vegetable oil/s of your choice – I recommend Apricot, Avocado and Argan
4 drops Organic Lavender
4 drops Organic Mandarin
1 drop Organic Neroli
3 drops Organic Geranium

For material supplies try NHR Organics.

Love Lucy A x

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