Do you recall your earliest Christmas memory? Perhaps it consists of snow, a roaring log fire or a long drive home. Maybe a happy memory, or it perhaps a memory of a particular scent; cinnamon, citrus and cloves from a warming mulled wine or the sweet, buttery smell of mince pies. Your connections between smell, memory and emotions are so powerful, especially at Christmas. All three are closely linked, being seated in the same part of the mind.

Christmas, for all its excitements can bring with it challenges: late nights, last minute deadlines, a continuous stream of relatives, missed loved ones and of course a lowered immune system. Essential oil aromas send a signal directly to the Limbic System in the brain which is the centre of emotions and memory, generating a powerful effect on our moods and state of mind.

Let me take you on a journey of the most beautiful Christmas essential oils and their wonderful qualities.

Clove Bud is the ideal Christmas essential oil to keep away colds and flu’s.  Its fresh, fruity top notes and deep, sweet spicy undertones make it a perfect choice for a room fragrance.  It is a powerful therapeutic oil for the winter months especially over Christmas when its cold and we are all running too fast!  Burn 6 drops of organic Clove Bud essential oil in a burner in the afternoon to keep the whole house flu free this season!

Another wonderful festive oil is Frankincense. One of the main attractions of Frankincense is its ability to calm the mind and settle anxiety as well as its amazing time reversal powers when used in skincare. Add two drops of Organic Frankincense oil to your facial moisturiser to aid your ‘Age Gracefully’ process. Frankincense essential oil has a distinctive woody haunting aroma.   The sent of frankincense is heavy and camphoric.  It is a beautiful aroma but only in small doses as it can become very over powering.

Alternatively this Christmas create your own party blend
to spice up your New Year’s Eve party with this mood enhancing blend of organic Benzion, Spearmint, Cedarwood, Lime & Orange. Add two drops of each into an oil burner one hour before your guests arrive to set the ideal atmosphere!

Whatever scent you choose to dress your home in this holiday, have a beautiful Christmas and a peaceful New Year

Love Lucy A x

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