Seasonal Destress

All of us can probably recognise feeling stressed and may have felt stressed or anxious at some time or other. Research has shown that around 12 million adults in the UK┬ásee their GP with mental health problems each year. Most of us suffer from anxiety and depression at some time in our lives and much […]

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Bed is my favorite place in the whole world and sleep is my favourite thing to do! Although before I superpowered my sleep, my answer would have been different. Until this year I had a typical unhealthy relationship with my restorative best friend, sleep. There was not even as much as a hint of routine […]

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There is a founded argument that no matter how amazing our diet is we simply cannot get the amount of vitamins and minerals from our food, which our body needs to strive. This realism opens us up to lots of questions. Which vitamin do we need? How often should we take them? Which brands can […]

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You sit at your desk but it took you a while getting around to starting that task which has been judgmentally staring at you for the last few days. You start but then your phone jumps with a text, which you reply too. You look back at the screen and that very important task just […]

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